3rd-Party connections, e.g.

• Supplier classification & sustainability data
• Raw material indices – from past to forecasts
• Category market research data

3rd-Party connections, e.g.

• CO2-Scores-sustainability
• supplier evaluations
• Raw material price tracking


Easily identify similar parts for variant reduction or find existing components  to start
out with new designs.

Forget crunching through data sheets – rely on our AI part spotter.

Savings Potential

COVALYZE provides unmatched procurement price analytics to drive down
the costs of your components – from quick wins in replacing similar parts to clear savings
calculations for data-driven negotiations.

Target Price Calculator

COVALYZE provides the first real time market price calculator for new component designs based on price-driving features.

COVALYZE not only helps you optimize designs towards lower cost, but also provides predicted price changes due to raw material price impact.

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