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Typical sources are: Product master data systems (PDM), product lifecycle management systems (PLM) or several CAD systems in case of mechanical components. Sometimes suppliers provide specification sheets. Digitalized data in structured formats speeds up onboard dramatically. Should you have individual specification sheets (e.g. pdf files) or CAD drawings only, please contact your Covalyze team. We can support you in extracting relevant information!

Most clients will have all commercial information readily available in their ERP system, procurement suite or spend cube solutions. Normally a commodity manager can simply download all available procurement data fields in an xls-file

You may use xlsx or csv/txt file format; in case of csv please use ‘,’ as column separator and ‘.’ as decimal separator or clearly specify alternative separators. In case of xlsx please provide ‘raw’ data (column format), not pivoted data. For the use of other data formats, please contact your Covalyze team first.

Not at all. We would expect prices to be unique by material number, supplier and location. If there are duplicate combinations of differing prices, we will align with you which price to select (usually latest available).

Prices that are based on different payment terms (e.g. 30 days vs 90 days) have a different present value and are thus not comparable. Thus we will discount all prices to your target payment terms.

If some prices include delivery and some not, prices are not comparable. We will determine standard transportation parameters (e.g. mode of transport, source/destination, stacking) to model a transportation cost factor.

On average, onboarding takes about two weeks if data is readily available, depending on the availability of the category team. Special situations will be accounted for in the kick-off meeting.

Yes, Covalyze has the option to create filters on basically any kind of (categorial) data. Please provide the filter keys in your commercial information per component/material number (e.g. site name or code).

Yes, you can integrate any relevant market data into COVALYZE and share the reports with all other users under „Documents“. COVALYZE also can help you to setup a commodity price prediction calculation, either by using your own data provider or by using COVALYZE cooperation partners, that provide these data and predictions.

Yes, you can integrate any supplier relevant data into COVALYZE by providing us data from your data provider, e.g. EcoVadis. COVALYZE also can help you to integrate carbon footprint data, either by using your own data provider or by using COVALYZE cooperation partners, that provide these data.

Please contact the Covalyze team at Please don’t forget to include a phone number.

Got a question? Contact us

Got a question? Contact us

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